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Renovations, Conversions & Extensions

Adding or reconfiguring space is the easiest way to make a significant change to your home, in terms of ambience, practicality and value.


Whether creating new spaces or reconfiguring existing ones, our goal is to create pleasant environments that maximise the useable space while being as energy efficient as possible.


We also realise that this can be a time of great upheaval, so if you’re living in your home during construction, we will always do our best to minimise disruption to your routine and family.

A Case Study

Loft Conversion



To convert a small attic (XXm2) into a guest bedroom with a separate en-suite bathroom. The client's main objective was to create a room that did not feel like a typical loft conversion and seemed as though it had always been part of the house.


Stage 1

A steel beam with a gallows bracket has been inserted across the main ridge, this type of bracket helps to maximise useable space. The back of the house has been extended out into a dormer, with generous window openings.


Stage 2

A dividing wall has been built, as well as an alcove that disguises the line of the chimney running up through the room.


Stage 3

Our in-house joinery shop built a custom staircase and made copies of the existing spindles. We also constructed bespoke hardwood sash windows to match those visible at the back of the house.



The details:


Built in lighting has been used extensively as the ceiling height is limited. 


An overflow filler valve in the bath keeps hardware to a minimum.


Custom cabinetry underneath the sink disguises the limited storage space.


A double height Velux window provides a view of the sky while lying in the bath.

Our Recent Projects

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