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Whatever its size, we can transform virtually any space into an oasis of tranquillity where you can relax, unwind and revive the senses.


From plumbing to tiling, we will ensure that your dream bathroom is just as you want it. We offer a range of complete packages to match any budget and requirements.


Our specialists will help you to navigate the vast range of choices, styles, tile designs, fittings, fixtures and accessories available.

Case Study

Bathroom Conversion



To fully renovate and reconfigure a dated bathroom. The client's main objective was to maximise the use of available space and to create a more energy efficient room.


Stage 1:

All the plaster has been stripped off the walls. The old wattle and daub ceiling has been removed, as well as a disused chimney.


Stage 2:

Both external walls have been clad in 50mm solid core foam insulation to increase energy efficiency. The space between the existing ceiling joists has been filled with fiberglass insulation. The damaged mortar on the brickwork has been repointed.


Stage 3:

Our in-house joinery shop built custom cabinets, which also hides the toilet cistern. We also constructed a new curved top hardwood sash window.




The details:


The hardwood cabinetry is traditionally built with mortise and tenon joints.


All pipework has been lagged in foam insulation to reduce noise and improve efficiency.


Cement backer board has been used behind the shower tiling to increase the life of the tile work and minimise the potential from damp damage.


Heated mirror pads have been installed to eliminate misting from shower steam.


The new closet that conceals the boiler is soundproofed.

Our Recent Projects

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